Set of disposable tableware for 10 persons in a craft bag

80 предметов в бумажном пакете

The set includes
Plate 23 cm| craft paper |10 pcs.
Glass 250 ml| craft paper |10 pcs.
Fork 165mm| birch veneer |10 pcs.
Knife 165 mm| birch veneer |10 pcs.
Stirrer 140 mm| birch veneer |10 pcs.
Green napkin 24 cm| craft paper |30 pcs.

Quantity per package: 1 pc.
Quantity per box: 7 pcs.

A practical set of disposable eco-friendly tableware in a craft bag is convenient to take with you to a picnic, cottage or for table setting for a small event.

Once you use disposable wooden utensils at least once, you will never want to go back to plastic utensils. The products are durable, have no foreign odors, are made from 100% wood without the use of glue, chlorine or other harmful substances. Our dishes are absolutely safe for humans and can be easily disposed of in a fire and are biodegradable. Each cutlery is made to high quality standards, including double polishing, and the products are certified by the German TUV laboratory.

Disposable wooden spoons, forks, knives, paper cups and plates are indispensable in the office or on long trips, and will also become an incredibly useful addition when packing takeaway food in cafes, restaurants and serving and serving at various outdoor events, children’s parties, birthdays, anniversary, wedding, catering, new year.

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